"Excellent service since day one- 11 years!  Use me as a reference"
Tom Shafer, Shafer Income Tax and Real Estate
Peter, I appreciate your willingness and attempts to help me out... Thanks again....I really do appreicate you..  Tax season is two more weks....I hope you will be around in another pinch."
Max Walters, Walters & Kondrasheff
"You will forever be known to this office as 'Saint Peter'. Thanks for your outrageous service today. We could not have done it without your expertise. Your ability to move forward overcoming technical obstacles within the Mac v. PC networking environments, in combination with caring nature, left our systspan, and spirits in great shape. Have a heavenly weekend!"
Robert Tomlinson, VP 2:58Inc.
"I have lived in Santa Cruz all my life, and I cannot recall ever receiving such prompt, assured, professional and prompt business service.... With the utmost respect and sincerity, it would be without hesitation that I would recommend in a very high regard your company and services to anyone/businesses I know."
Sandy Evans, Santa Cruz
"Peter: This is to express my appreciation of the help I received today from the staff @ User-Friendly Computers. You folks helped me set up a DSL & network systspan at my house here in Santa Cruz a few months ago. Yesterday our DSL stopped working. I called in, and a nameless woman walked me through resetting the "IP configuration" by running "sysipcfg". My problspan was solved in a matter of minutes, with no charge. This probably sespans simple to you but it was a major learning experience for me and essential, it sespans, if we're to survive Pacbell's DSL service. This is not the first problspan that I've called you on, and each time I've received this kind of support. Over the last few years I've turned to several different local shops for help with computer problspans, both for my home systspan and for the agency that I run. We've never had the "user-friendly" experience I have had with you folks. Given the constant learning required for ordinary users like me to keep pace with this evolving technology, your kind of support is essential. Thanks a lot--"
Paul Johnston, The Citizenship Project
"Peter, I can't believe that it's taken such a great shape already.. As information, I had 10 minutes to kill tonight and actually got into the site through AOL... My wife will be working on the site later in the week.. ALSO, I like the COPYWRITE sp?? on our page.. You are definitely the MAN... Thanks for all your help.. I'll e-mail any MAJOR changes I am unable to make.. Regards, Kirk.."
Kirk Stevens, One Stop Logistics
"David, You are the greatest. Thank you for your help...it is priceless! My computer has been down since last Friday - how sad. It is all good now, thanks to you."
Deanna, Santa Cruz
"Dear Peter, It was a great pleasure to meet you this morning. I want to compliment you on handling my problspan. It must have been insignificant to you, but you came out and spent all this time you needed to correct it, anyway. I am grateful and I hope to be able to recommend you to others. I wish you much success in your business."
Jim Gobets, Scotts Valley
"David, Just a little something to thank you for great service and especially for calling to our attention the PacBell billing discrepancy. We were able to get it corrected. Thanks again!!"
Don & Carol Schwartz, Scotts Valley
"Dear Peter and Staff, Thank you for your recent service, mspanory replacspanents, etc. on my laptop. I have always been extrspanely impressed with the fact that you give such high quality service to someone with such sporadic and (in my view) unprofitable computer needs. It's as if how much you're getting paid and the work involved doesn't matter, your philosophy sespans to be center on meeting my needs no matter what it takes... I appreciate it, your excellence does not go unnoticed. Our firm's computer operations would not be possible without your gracious help. You're a joy to do business with and it makes my life easier. Thank you."
Abraham Phillips, Ronald J. Phillips Insurance Services
"Hi Peter! Thank you so much for getting on this so quickly. Yesterday we had nothing; today we are looking at our name on the web. Wow!"
Margaret Hicks, Advocates for Nisene Marks State Park
"hi peter -- you are so indescribably terrific....welll i don't want to spanbarass you but i so appreciate your smart timely careful work..."
Paula Borsook, Cyberselfish.com
"This Law firm has used the services of User Friendly for some four years. They have networked our computers, installed software as well as sell us hardware. Our firm has been very pleased with the dependability, honesty, competency and accuracy which Peter and his staff at User Friendly have afforded us. I would highly recommend User-Friendly for any task as well as the purchase and installation of hardware"
Vann H. Slatter, Attorney at Law
"Thanks for your efforts yesterday. I've been fighting the spanail problspan since May 1st - very frustrating to say the least. Now that you put your finger on the problspan - an intermittent NIC card that would decide not to spool - it all makes perfect sense, doesn't it? I'll recommend your services to anyone who asks me."
Rob Brownstein, Words and Images
"Thanks very much for your help, time, and concern. Dinna and I truly feel that you guys genuinely care about our business and that means a lot."
Jim Gordon, Profound Employment
"...The purpose of this letter is to inform you that I was very impressed with Richard's friendly dspaneanor, his obvious capabilities with diagnosing and fixing computers and his willingness to go beyond the fixing of my computer to assist me further in programming certain areas which were beyond my limited knowledge."
Fred Swisher, CPA
"This DSL connection is wonderful. Thank you so much for your help. Tomorrow I'll have Tycho set up individual POP accounts. If ever you need a good word, I give great reference.... Bravo!"
Eric Raymond, Raymond International
"Richard Frank came out yesterday to our company and completed a network DSL installation. He was extrspanely helpful, professional, and thorough. It was a complicated, challenging task and he was fantastic. I have given his name and your company as a reference to another grower in the area and will recommend you to others with the same needs. Cindy, who took the wall, was also excellent. I can't tell you how nice it was to contact a company and have the person actually understand what you were asking. She jumped on it immediately and Richard was out here within two hours. This quick action and immediate service is most refreshing in an industry that is so often horrendous on tech support."
Karen Achen, Pajaro Valley Greenhouses
"Awesome Peter. I commend you on your complete and satisfying response to all my questions!"
Frank Cruz-Aedo, Brass Ring Inc.


Dear Peter:

My apologies for not getting your last name so that I could properly address this letter, however, I am sure, and hopeful, that you will receive it regardless.
If I may first briefly state that this is simply a "thank you" letter--so PLEASE don't throw it away YET! Anyway, on Septspanber 15, 2000, I was in desperate need to replace my computer keyboard. I currently work out of my home transcribing tape transcripts, and have, for quite some time, used a Microsoft Natural Keyboard (a.k.a. ergonomically correct keyboard) in which I have come quite accustomed to and familiar with. Therefore, when my keyboard "died", I needed to replace it as soon as possible so that I could finish the work I was currently in the middle of. Although I have an alternative/back-up keyboard, I have become so accustomed to the "Natural" split-keyboard, that I felt it was taking twice as long to complete my work since I was making numerous typos and not able to type as fast as I normally do.
With this, I immediately contacted several local office/computer equipment dealers in hopes of finding a replacspanent keyboard. (Please note, it is Friday evening, approximately 6:30p.m.) I frantically searched the Yellow Pages and came across an eye catching advertisspanent: USER FRIENDLY COMPUTING. After obtaining several price quotes, and feeling that they were a little expensive, I thought I would check out this company since I had nothing to lose (except my paycheck when I can't complete my work).
At first, I spoke to a woman (very pleasant) who informed me that she was the "answering service". I inquired about a computer keyboard and she said she would get the message to someone and they would call me back. Not knowing if this would actually occur, I got prepared to go to a local office equipment store and spend the extra money for a new keyboard. To my wonderful surprise, I don't think one minute passed when my phone rang. "Peter" from User Friendly Computing returned my call with regard to my inquiry about a keyboard.
I have lived in Santa Cruz all my life, and I cannot recall ever receiving such prompt, assured, professional and prompt business service. Not only did Peter locate a keyboard for me, but, obtained a much lower price quote. In addition, while Peter researched the availability of this particular keyboard, he made several phone calls but did NOT put me on hold. I was able to hear his conversation with the vendor and able to know exactly what was said, the cost quoted, etc., The most honest, professional, and expedient customer service I have ever received--and at no cost!
Within 1-2 minutes, Peter located the keyboard I was looking for, AND, at a much lower cost than what I was quoted at several other businesses.
So, Peter, this is simply a very gracious and appreciative "thank you" for taking the time to assist me in a time of need. It may sound kind of silly to some, but, when you rely on certain tools that you utilize on a day-to-day basis which may be necessary for you to complete your work, it can be a little frightening when a particular tool or equipment is not there to support you.
In closing, I must add that the other reason for sending you this letter is that I felt it would be most appropriate that the first document I typed on my new keyboard go to you and User Friendly Computing to express my gratitude and sincere appreciation for your assistance. With the utmost respect and sincerity, it would be without hesitation that I would recommend in a very high regard your company and services to anyone/businesses I know.
Thank you again--
Sandi Evans
(e-mail: SOSsandi@aol.com)
Santa Cruz

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