Affordable Maintenance Plans

Flat-Rate Service contracts: For a flat monthly fee, User-Friendly Computing can provide your organization with basic maintenance service plus a limited number of monthly support hours. Remote service includes monitoring of server events including data backups, disk errors, system logs, and application logs. General maintenance includes scheduled installation of security updates, system reboots, virus and spyware scans, hard disk integrity scan and defragmentation. The balance of remaining hours is available for other service issues that may arise. Contract terms are annual with monthly in advance. Contract renewal is automatic unless written advance notice is received.
  • Our Platinum Service Plan ($325/mo) includes 2 hours of monthly service plus a guaranteed 2-hour emergency response during normal business hours
  • Our Gold Service Plan ($245/mo) includes 2 hours of monthly service plus a guaranteed 4-hour emergency response during normal business hours
  • Our Silver Service Plan ($180/mo) includes 2 hours of monthly service plus a guaranteed  8-hour emergency response response during normal business hours
 Add our Plus Program to any maintenance plan for just $310/mo.  Our Plus Program includes an additional two hours per month of general service (FOUR hours total) plus Comprehensive Hardware Replacement Coverage on your server and selected equipment, subject to review. Customized plans are also available.
Prepaid time blocks: Customers within Santa Cruz County can now purchase prepaid service hours at a substantial discount from our standard per-call rate. Service do not expire and can be used during normal business hours (Mon-Fri 9AM-5PM, excluding holidays). Flexible plans are available starting at just 10 hours.  Higher rates apply outside Santa Cruz County.
  • Block of 10 hours:   $1050
  • Block of 25 hours:   $2500
  • Block of 50 hours:   $4750
  • Block of 100 hours: $9000
Unlimited hardware support contract: User-Friendly Computing can provide comprehensive hardware maintenance with unlimited repair or replacement for equipment failure. We guarantee an on-site presence within 8 business hours (M-F, 8-5) of the initial service call. Software issues are not covered by this contract. Pricing is based on an on-site evaluation.
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